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Thread: Cloud Computing?

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    Cloud Computing?

    What do you think of cloud computing?

    Cloud Computing: The computer runs processes and software using online resources.

    Basicly you won't need to really install anything because it is internet based. Such as opening Word, you can post the saved file to the web in the software. It is along those lines.

    I hate it, it is not what computing was meant to be. The internet was not even available till us until the government released it, not just for their uses.

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    Re: Cloud Computing?

    Not sure if I like the idea and it's the first I've heard of it.

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    Re: Cloud Computing?

    Its not bad actually since you get everything online ; thats how technology has progressed .

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    I believe you misunderstand what it actually is

    In my technology class at school we have a small cloud we run from. We have a main server which hosts everything, and around 35 "thin" clients. These computers have no hard disk, rather a few gigs of flash memory, a systemboard, processor, and RAM. When turned on they connect to the server and load a pre-configured copy of Windows XP (though we also used Fendora at one point). Anything you do can be saved to the server, but you have to go in and actually save it, because when you restart a think client it reloads the OS image. That means that these clients can never get a virus of any kind. You would need to take out the main server for that.

    It's works extremely well for us, because my instructor can pre-configure the OS image with certain programs. That means a single install of filezilla allows everyone to use it at their work station. Since we have fiber lines running through the classroom, there isn't any "jet lag" for our systems. On a larger scale, I can see how it would be just as helpful, but I also see the risks and such.

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    Most decent schools have this system now a days; all the systems and stuff are hosted within a server and most computing is hosted locally. At least, that's how our school does it.

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    Never really heard of it. Not too sure if its too safe yet.

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    I have never heard of that. And still am confused by it :/.

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    I never save anything on a cloud computer. I am rather jittery about letting other people view personal stuff.

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