[align=center]Cold Souls[/align]

[align=center]Directed by: Sophie Barthes[/align]



Paul Giamatti is a brilliant actor not only is his name in the movie he acts but also his face expressions are so awesome that you must see this movie. He really has the head for it. Paul plays in a production of Chekov's play, he has to act with allot of self pitty and mysery. He really feels like the character he has to play but he is starting to feel bad and feel his life is, he can't just life his life an other 15 years until he is 60. He sits and the phone goes, his manager tells him he has find a solution for his nightmares. He says something about "Soul Storage" of course Paul puts of his glasses and thinks "what te heck ?" He puts the New York Times where the article about Soul Storage is writen away in a shelf. He goes to bed while his wife is already in bed. He can't sleep because he is thinking about what his manager told him, he goes out bed and reads the article. Its all nonesenss he thinks, he goes to the phone book and puts some pages and sees surprised Soul Storagel call (phone number).

There are really some funny scenes in it that you must see, aldo many people don't know about this movie because it isn't a blockbuster you will like it. After some thinking Paul goes to the clinkick to see what that "Soul Storage" is about. Paul Gimatti has read that the soul is in the brain and that it makes you feel heavy, bad with other words, and he has read further and if the soul is removed you will feel happy. That is what Paul wants after all. Some crazy things will happen that made him wonder if it was the best thing to do to remove his own soul .... He is about to get fired in Chekov's play of far will ge go to preform at its best ? (All find out in the movie.)

An other simple review of mine. It doesn't have to be big and much money spent in it this movie is a simple good movie of what there should be more in America that we know of.