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Thread: The Comprehensive Cookie Stuffer: Building Enthusiasm

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    Arrow The Comprehensive Cookie Stuffer: Building Enthusiasm

    A while back, on Net Builders, I started a thread containing a little tidbit about cookie stuffing. Several prominent Net Builders members subsequently voiced their concerns about the dangers of cookie stuffing, using strong examples of the recent lawsuit by the eBay Corporation against Digital Point Forums owner Shawn Hogan. To clarify this question and to set the general fact straight, eBay and their associated corporations sued Shawn Hogan, for placing cookie stuffing codes in his Digital Point Forum.

    Digital Point Forum is one of the largest Internet marketing forums on the World Wide Web. EBay is one of the largest websites on the Internet, period. Shawn Hogan, ladies and gentlemen, cookie stuffed one of the largest forums on the Internet, using codes from one of the largest websites on the Internet. Not the smartest move in the world as far as I’m concerned.

    While you venture to read this comprehensive cookie stuffing guide, keep this extremely popular phrase in your mind. Let it rattle around in your head, seep into your brain cells, and make it a footnote on every page. The phrase is as follows: “Fly under the radar.”

    Start with small websites, advertising small companies and small affiliate networks. Start with small ideas, small codes, and very small amounts of work, and ramp it up to huge profits. Huge profits. Put the affiliate networks to work for you. Make the five dollars you spent on this guide back within the first five minutes of your cookie stuffing beginnings. Even go as far as making a dollar a minute from now on. Become that affiliate network’s superstar. Then expand. All while cookie stuffing, unbeknownst to the affiliate program owners and affiliate managers. The world is yours now. You hold your new Bible. Use it well.

    Razorloq and I are teaming up to write the Comprehensive Cookie Stuffer, which will be a complete cookie stuffing ebook released later this month on Net Builders. That you just read was the first page. It will be very low priced at either $5 or 200 $NetBucks to both Razorloq and myself. I'm not a huge fan of the presell, but I'm a huge fan of cookie stuffing, so I was rather ecstatic when Razorloq PM'ed me to help him out with this project.

    This is going to be huge, guys. I hope you can handle it.

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    Interesting. Why would you two need to PM each other? You both post from the same IP address.

    Diet Fads

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    Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    Interesting. Why would you two need to PM each other? You both post from the same IP address.
    Are you trying to say that the 2 is the same person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotComBum View Post
    Are you trying to say that the 2 is the same person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotComBum View Post
    Are you trying to say that the 2 is the same person?
    Nope. I'm asking.

    They could very well be roommates. They could also be sharing accounts. Who knows.

    We don't currently have rules which prohibit multiple personalities or accounts on this forum.

    Diet Fads

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    Oh wow, I had no idea that we'd end up on the same IP. Yes, we're sharing a connection as we are roommates here in North Carolina. Therefore, he and I have teamed up to do most of the things we are working on. I'll be assisting in the Adult Network as well. Two heads, we have found, are better than one. And since we're stuck with each other all year, we might as well make money together, right? I guess that since we are sharing a wireless network from a router in the room we may have ended up with the same IP. That won't end up as a huge problem will it?


    Note: Razorloq will be back in the morning to answer all of your questions. The funeral he went to went well, also.
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    Thanks to Trudgernaught for taking charge while I was away at the funeral and post-funeral, and the plane back home, and thanks to m42 for clarifying the IP situation. Yes, it is true that Trudgernaught and I are roommates. We are also collaborating our efforts on both the Adult Empire, which seems to be failing already after less than a week, and the Comprehensive Cookie Stuffer, which is going to be freaking awesome!

    We'll release it on here for a fraction of the price that it will be released to DP on two weeks after the Net Builders release. But we're still in the process of working on it, so it may be a bit more time necessary to complete it. We are also working on an ebook called The Cash Box, that will be the first of its kind. Look forward to that a little later. I'm cutting off all ties to my MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot address, and so forth, and collaborating with Trudgernaught on that as well, so Net Builders aren't the only ones who are merging the minds.

    Glad to be back everyone, and I suspect a great future. Also, you may have noticed that my $NetBucks are gone. As a deal with Trudgernaught to share his blog and other resources, I will be giving him all of my future $NetBucks. Profitable for him, but also for me in the long run, as his blog is far better than mine, even with the construction.


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    Although I don't much care who uses multiple accounts on this forum, here is a word of advice to members who choose to create multiple personalities as well:

    If you're going to pretend to be different people on this forum, keep in mind people are going to realize it. If you abuse any forum privileges, you will be banned.

    This could mean anything from abusing the iTrader system to the NetBucks and Thank You systems.

    Have a nice day!

    Diet Fads

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