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Thread: Critical Hit!

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    Critical Hit!

    Website Name: Critical Hit!

    Site link:

    Website Description:

    A general gaming board, I know original right? Check out our goal to see what makes us different!

    Our Goal: To not become the biggest gaming board. Yeah, strange right? I would like us to be a decent sized gaming board with members with different opinions. Conflicting opinions mean interesting discussions. Interesting discussions makes us different. By us being different means that you will probably join since we aren't like any one else. You joining means we shall succeed! Our secondary goal is to create an online gaming hub in which you can view the forum, set up a match and enjoy your time with other Critical Hit members.

    Your name on the Board:


    -Subway Page-

    1. What is your main goal?

    Answer: Look above.

    2. So you guys are a gaming board?

    Answer: Yep

    3. Why should I join?

    Answer Because I will love you forever and we will be like best friends.

    4. Why shouldn't I join?

    Answer: If you don't appreciate the quality of your life.

    5. Can I be a moderator?

    Answer: If you enter the forum half-naked, perhaps.

    -Board Started on: July 12th

    -Category: Gaming

    -Forum Link:

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    Re: Critical Hit!

    Two new themes and 33 members. How about you become member 34?

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