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Thread: Danica Patrick shows beaver in banned ad.

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    Talking Danica Patrick shows beaver in banned ad.

    Danica Patrick shows beaver in banned youtube ad.
    I thought it was a very funny ad. She talks about hiding her beaver but yet shows it in the ad.

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    Gotta love GoDaddy and their commercials with Danica Patrick in them. They certainly seem to be targeting the more male population

    Interesting way they did that ad although I can't see any great reason to ban it.
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    Here is her with her beaver
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    Hahaha, great commercial from Godaddy, but again, I don't see why it's banned.. If she would be searching for 'her pussy' than I understand that it would be a banned commercial but a beaver...

    Well the world is full of thinks I don't understand so heck
    |Nico Lawsons

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