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Thread: dark Community

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    dark Community

    Website Name: dark Community

    site link:

    Website Description: The darkest community ever.

    Your name on the Board: darkly

    -Subway Page-

    [align=center]dark Community[/align]


    Forum Interview

    1. Does the forum its name come from your user name or did you just came up with it ?

    Answer: It came from my username "darkly" and I decided to name it darkly Community but it does not sound right so I named it dark Community

    2. Are there any special contests or competitions ?

    Answer: Well... there will be a FOTM every month and there will be a contest every end of the month!

    3. What can we expect to find on your board of topics & discussions ?

    Answer: You can expect great amount of topic to chat in!

    4. Do you have a good team of admins and mods ?

    Answer: As for now... I'm the only in the team of admins and mods and I think it's a good team.

    5. Do you prefer quality or quantity on your forum ?

    Answer: I prefer quality because if the board is better in quality... more people would join and be active.

    Additional Info:

    Board Started on: 2nd February 2010

    Category: Community

    Forum Link:

    Page written by: darkly

    The server of our host is now online!

    Visit us now at

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    Re: dark Community is back!

    This topic had served it purpose.

    Locked. :P

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    Board updated

    Board has been updated to phpBB 3.0.7-PL1

    The forum is now back online! :yea

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    Our forums is now powered on MyBB!

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    Back soon...

    We will be moving to another server and so the site will be down atm.

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    Re: Back soon...

    We are now back!


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