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    Forum Name: Dashing

    Forum URL:

    Forum Description: Dashing is a general discussion forum with a dash of Dashing.

    We have broad range of topics spanning a lot of interests, like gaming and music. We even have sections for forum games, role playing, debates and artwork.

    But instead of me rambling, why don't you give it a look? It would be a pleasure to see you there.

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    Your title needs sorting out...

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    Wtf happened there?! O.O

    Yeah, I definitely need to sort that out.

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    I think it would look good and more attractive, if you have a bigger and more attractive banner!

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    Good forum, keep up the great work.

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    A nice forum. I joined awhile back, and remembered the random fun I had there. Looking at it now.. well seeing topics and a few members "Homophobic" looks towards others kinda depresses me. (Seeing they are active, and not post-and-runners.)

    Also, the epicly random banner is epicly random :'D

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    Homophobic? I haven't seen many instances (if any) of people being openly homophobic on there. I know there is at least one gay person on there who doesn't seem to have a problem...

    But it would be nice to see you there again, Chibi. You were a great member.

    Oh, and thanks for the praises, folks.

    I think it would look good and more attractive, if you have a bigger and more attractive banner!

    Yes, that's high on the priority list. We have a few banners made, we're just reviewing them to see which is best.

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    DASHING Now Has 600 Members!

    DASHING Now Has 80,000 Posts!

    General Discussion Forum | Off Topic Forum | Dashing Forums

    DASHING - Current Stats

    Our members have made a total of 80,400 posts in 2,904 threads.

    We currently have 616 members registered.

    Please welcome our newest member, Dy.namik

    The most users online at one time was 37 on Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 09:37 PM

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    This is a great site people, you guys should join

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    Thanks for the kind words, Wolfy.

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