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Thread: devNet developers unite!

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    devNet developers unite!

    Forum Name: devNet

    Forum URL:

    Forum Description: Are you a developer looking for a community? To ask? Maybe answer a bit as well? Well, come check out devNet! devNet aims to be the best community for web developers and designers. Come click today!

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    Re: devNet developers unite!

    You might want to make the link clickable and by the way, the domain just redirects.

    The skin is ok but you need to fill the sections a bit more and get developers joining not just off-topic talkers.

    Good luck with your forums.

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    Re: devNet developers unite!

    I think everything being centered is an interesting concept, but I'm not really sure on it.

    I quite like the skin though more activity is needed. Good luck

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    Re: devNet developers unite!

    Thanks for checking it out.

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    Re: devNet developers unite!

    Design looks great and interesting.. Nice logo, If you wish to attract members try adding more posts to make it seem more active etc... Good job so far and goodluck i might join it later.. (Bookmarked...)

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    Really nice look

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