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Thread: Did you sell your domains?

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    Did you sell your domains?

    Well I usually buy a domain name for my website for starting my own business or personal website and I have never sold any domain names before and I don't think that I would ever resell it. What about you guys?

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    I didn't sell my domains yet, but I'm planning to, my domains are not good so they can't be sold I hope someone buys it some day, so I get extra $$$.

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    welli dont have domains but im really intresting in selling them.But in my country there a lack of information so its quite hard for me to do that

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    I've sold domains before. Domain reselling can be a good market if you're creative and you're smart about it. It takes a good balance of both. I for one, have several good domains that I've still got to list on some domain resale sites, but until then, I'll let them age so their value is higher!

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    melbel, how much did you gain from reselling your domains? Because I am starting to get into that business and I really hope I do well.

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    I've sold domains but only domains that I've never used myself.
    Usually I bought those domains to resell at a higher price, I search domain names that have really good keywords and if they're available I snatch them up before someone else does.

    The highest I've gotten for a domain name (no content / traffic whatsoever) is $160. Not really much, but I was able to profit from the original $9 & I'm not complaining.
    Next highest would be $100 flat.

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    The only reason i would sell if i closed the site or don't need to the domain anymore.

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