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Thread: Digital Point complaints

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    Digital Point complaints

    Why so many people complains about Digital Point?

    What is your complain?
    What is your opinion?
    What is good?
    What is bad?


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    I complain about DigitalPoint, because they ruined my business -- I was making +1000$ per month only via some small sales, and I got good reputation etc.

    Than they had nothing to do and just banned me, plus they did the same with other people. I did nothing wrong but got a lifetime ban and things like that make me complain
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    Mine problem is

    They have banned good people for speaking there mind while letting scammers do what they want.
    The owner is MIA and the site requires attention, forum updates as its out of date. Very slow at times takes forever for messages to get deleted etc..
    When questions related to the forum like the one going around now "why are ads not showing" the mods cant really answer as they dont know for sure since they can only do so much. The webmaster can do somethings but is also limited and of course the owner is MIA so no answer from him. so hundreds of posts are being made about it and no one has a reply.
    Bothers me that such a forum that is one of the best ones is not being managed, hard for me to believe that a site making money on the level it had to be would be left in its current state. I mean if the owner is in jail, ill or the hospital still seems he would have a friend he could have run it mean time.

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    I would say they have no system, agree my post counts were high in introduction forum. But they could have gave me warning or ban for at least for reasonable period, but that was for six months.

    The funny thing is my friend is banned for the same reason and same day but for four months, I can not still make out the diffidence in ban period.

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    Well, my probelm is strange i am unable to browse DP from IP address .

    Good- It has good stuff .

    Bad - Date Base error occurs twice in a week.

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    I was not banned in DP but I literally saw the crowd pouring out of there which included all my friends and thats when I joined NB.
    The problem is that it[dp] bans members for stupid reasons!

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    I was banned for a few weeks for replying to a question in my own thread. Yup, they said I'm spamming!

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    My complain is nothing but it is not opening for me from last one week

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    Everyday more and more complains, that place is really falling apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drazeN View Post
    Everyday more and more complains, that place is really falling apart.
    Yes, u r right bcoz today i have seen someone is asking on yahoo answers like " Digitalpoint forums down for you?" so not only we, many people are facing problems with it!

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