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Thread: Discipline for Children

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    Do you think it is (in any way) right to hit kids when they've done the wrong?

    For quick reference, here is what happened with me and my step dad:

    4 weeks ago at about 5:30pm I had a punch-up with my Step Dad, he left with my little sister and I left, too. To this morning, he is still not back but he called mum and said he would be back tomorrow. Like what the hell! It was over something trivial like "Did you break this, Zane" "No..." *punch* (to me).

    He is an idiot, I hate him. Glad I punched him a few back. He was surprised, though.

    The ONLY reason he didn't fight back was because I told him (and he knew it, too) "You hit me back, and you'll have ALL of Morayfield, Caboolture and Narangba after you - you wanna risk it b****!?"

    So I ask again, do you think it is right for physical discipline on children? If so, is there a limit?

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    I think smacking should be allowed and I don't see a problem with it providing it's not excess/too hard, but punching your children is completely unacceptable IMO.

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