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Thread: Discussion Palace Webmaster Community

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    Discussion Palace Webmaster Community

    Website Name: Discussion Palace

    site link:

    Website Description: We are a brand new webmaster forum for everyone including forum admins, bloggers, and even website owners. Here you can get your site seen by advertising in the Showcase, getting a review from members in the Reviews section, or even from your signature. Tips and tricks can be found in the Guides forum where high-quality articles are posted. And, most importantly, debates with other admins can be found in the Discussion board!

    Our Goal: To have discussions between experienced admins and get your website seen.

    Your name on the Board: Xarver

    -Subway Page-

    1. Why did you start DP?

    Answer: Simply because I love owning forums. This led me into making a forum for admins, where other owners could discuss topics with other people like me. Keep in mind I didn't start this forum just because I wanted to.

    2. What software do you run and why?

    Answer: We run the latest version of MyBB. The main reason being that I love this piece of software because it is highly extensible and is suitable for any board. Also because their support is wonderful!

    3. Why should we choose your forum over someone else's?

    Answer: The same reason you're browsing this page probably. We have a friendly community; JonP and I, the admins, are willing to help anyone out; and we offer a couple services such as reviews and posting your link.

    4. Are you a serious or laid-back community?

    Answer: A little mixture of both. We have both serious and fun discussions for people to reply in if that's what you mean. Even though the members can joke around a bit we take things such as spam seriously and strive to keep our forum looking slightly professional.

    5. What features do you have

    Answer: Features include spoilers, a unique reputation system, and commenting on people's profiles. We also have a very clean theme.

    -Board Started on: May 8th, 2010

    -Category: Admin Discussion

    -Forum Link:

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    Re: Discussion Palace Webmaster Community

    Joined and bookmarked. I will be looking to it how it progresses.


    Moved to Promoting & Admin Discussion Forum's[/align]

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    Re: Discussion Palace Webmaster Community

    Thanks master.

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    Re: Discussion Palace Webmaster Community

    Here are some stats as of may 16, 2010!

    Our members have made a total of 709 posts in 126 threads.

    We currently have 35 members registered.

    Please welcome our newest member, Regice

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    Re: Discussion Palace Webmaster Community

    Funny, I totally forgot I joined that place. That is a coincidence. I sure didn't expect to see my name. It is a very well made site, and it's off to a great start.

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