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    Divanix is a new unique general forum. Check it out and register

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    Come and join the fun

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    Been open THREE days now, we are are on the IPB forum software, has I nice looking skin. We have a shout box and Blog applications. Come and join in on the action.

    Our Board Statistics

    Total: Posts 455

    Total Members: 21

    Newest Member: SettledHate

    Online At Once: Record17

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    Recent updates:

    New lighter skin

    Community Blogs



    Advertise System

    Come and join

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    We have just added a new points/cash system which you can use in the Marketplace and Contests Forums.

    Been open 5 days and we have: 700+ Posts

    Come as guests stay as family

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    Our Board Statistics

    Total Posts: 953

    Total Members: 39

    Newest Member: Epic

    Online At Once Record: 17

    Only been open 6 Days. Come Join the fun!

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    New competition and I have made some awesome member pips

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    We've got 2,000 posts since it's creation a few weeks ago. We hope to get a bunch more active members in the coming time as well, so hopefully it will become big. If nothing else, check the site out. You don't need to register, but we'd appreciate it.

    Also I have just finished coding the new skin so come check it out

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    I have just added a new Awards system, come check it out.

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