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Thread: Do people trust scientists enough?

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    Do people trust scientists enough?

    i get increasingly worried that, with the trend to trusting authority less, too little trust is being placed in science these days. While it's always good to question everything - indeed this is what science is based on - the fact is that most people don't understand a lot of science. This makes it easy for frauds and cranks to come up with "simple" bogus explanations and try and discredit scientists; people often believe them, too.

    What do y'all think?

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    Re: Do people trust scientists enough?

    hmm, quite a hard question.

    I think.. people tend to be careless toward scientists. I mean, one of human's nature is to decline something he doesn't know until he sees the prove with his own eyes. but even that way, some still refuse to believe in what they see. I can understand why people lose faith in authority because I feel so too, though. but that also depends on what they say. I think the society can choose which things scientists said that they must really pay attention to and what not.

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    Re: Do people trust scientists enough?

    My worry really is that the "anti-authority" movement tends to lead itself to frauds and other people exploting it. Like business interests and so on who have no interest in the truth. People seem to use money to twist knowledge - and knowledge is power.

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    Re: Do people trust scientists enough?

    I don't believe alot what is being said by scientists that are government funded or government owned I should say.. .I think the government tells them to feed us bull crap, so that we are less suspicious of them...

    It's all about money....

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    Re: Do people trust scientists enough?

    Not really, because scientists aren't paid directly by the Government in most cases; the government just funds an independent body, so they're separate. And scientiste are either funded b government of business, and I would trust a business funded scientist as far as I could throw him.

    (And ever school report I ever had was "below average" for Physical Education attainment) :P

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    Re: Do people trust scientists enough?

    I know the problem very well unfortunately =/

    People these days are living enigmas since they speculate on every scientific discovery that gets published but tend to believe all, to my eyes, nonsense that gets littered around by people who don't seem to have any authority on that subject.

    I often refer to it as the " The Dan Brown effect" since his book, "The Davinci Code" really caused a lot of mayhem.

    It's a good novel and all but it's all fiction, but for some reason people really believe it and actually try to convince other that it's true. Or use his book as "proof" of them being right.

    I really don't get how a novel can be seen as anything by entertaining with maybe a morale in it. If he was so sure about it he would have written an scription about it.

    I once wrote an article for fun, to see how many people would get fooled by it.

    It was a spoof article, researched in a non-existent university. It was about a hormone that regulated the ability to be on time and how women lacked this hormone. It explained that it was created in the testes (the balls) which explained why women did not have this hormone and hence came late all the time. We even mentioned a possible future cure that women could get as a shot or pill.

    I thought that this would instantly be dismissed as a joke and just ignored, boy was I wrong. people actually believed it and a lot of angry women replied that they where on time very often but weren't manly at all so the scientists must be wrong on where this hormone is produced.

    Here's the link: ... pic=180862

    So to sum it up: Yea, it's terrible how shallow the people look at these things nowdays.

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