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Thread: Do you buy lottery?

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    Talking Do you buy lottery?

    I buy it 3 times a week, it's called 4D in Singapore, you select 4 digits and hope it comes up in the draws, my objective is to win a million dollars

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    No I don't buy and never lucky in any kind of gambling.

    Well good luck to you for Million Dollors win.


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    I like to get scratch-offs. I always seem to get like $20 from those, but then my mom takes 1/2 of it as a finder's fee...ugh...

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    I don't buy lottery and i don't believe in them.
    I feel purchasing lottery is waste of money!

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    I have never bought any lottery ticket. I think I am not that Lucky.

  6. I have played many time on lotto but now this company has no more franchise in our state . Now I love to play cards and many times lucks works very god .

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    I'm going to play with the Euro Millions since my dad does it too. It's waste of money and you earn more if you don't play, but the thing is the following:
    Imagine that you forgot to play with your numbers, than you'll be thinking all day long: "What if those numbers would come out?" so that's why I will play weekly with the same numbers. And maybe I'll earn some money, if you don't try, you won't win
    |Nico Lawsons

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    My luck is very weak therefore I don't take any risk on buying lotteries.

  9. Now I have started playing weekly haryana bumper and purchased few tickets from local dealer .

  10. Nope, never.

    What's the point, it's all pure luck and the chances are against you.

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