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Thread: Do you click on NetBuilder Ads?

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    Do you click on NetBuilder Ads?

    Almost everyone here has setup a NetBuilder Ad in their UserCP - but does anyone here actually visit the sites advertised?

    I have a handful of times if the anchor text caught my attention.

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    Everytime I see a NEW, INTERESTING advertisement. Otherwise I never click on it
    |Nico Lawsons

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    If it seems interested to me, I do.

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    Usually I don't click on it unless the title get my attention

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    Well, I haven't clicked on any !

    - Digital -

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    I have before
    I don't think I setup a rev sharing account here, if so, I've never seen clicks from it
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    I've actually gotten 2 conversions this month with mine
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    I actually don't click on NetBuilder Ads, sadly. I have just recently joined the community so I'm still learning its perks.

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    I never click Google Ads at any site Because Adblocker blocks them

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