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Thread: Do you easily forgive someone?

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    Post Do you easily forgive someone?

    Hello guys I got an interesting question for you: if someone makes a mistake, can you forgive him/her easily? Even if you were able to forgive, it is not always easy to forget what wrong he/she did to you. If not will you try to take revenge for what he/she did to you. What's your opinion on this matter? Please do share your thoughts here.

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    That depends on the nature of the error. If it is small things, I will be very easy to forgive it. If it is a matter of principle then I would think this person has bad character and stay away from him.

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    I am a very sensitive man, I easily forgive someone even if he has done something wrong, but I only forgive if he didn't mean to do it or something similar to that, and I think it all depends what the person has done.

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    I'm really an easy go lucky kind of person, who tries to be respectable in my circle of acquaintances, friends or families. Heartaches are buried deep in my heart especially when it comes to family members or close friends. In terms of revenge, i really can't do something bad because i always believe in karma.

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    Well, All people know this,man forgive more than women, that's a fact.

    But personally, if you forgive people easily, they'll think that you're weak, but honestly , we better forgive than being an evil person.

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    To forgive someone is the most noble act a person can do!!
    yeah I agree that when the hurt is deep and the wrong is huge,it becomes very difficult to forgive someone but still if you can manage to do it,you actually come out of trauma and make the wrong doer fall down in his own eyes and he might realise it one day himself...taking revenge doesn't help anyone at all....

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