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Thread: Do you have/got any friends 'Just because of NB'?

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    Do you have/got any friends 'Just because of NB'?

    Every body is talking that - NB is growing, NB is growing. Don't we? I have some good relations which I got just because of being a NetBuilder. Don't you have a good friend who came from NB?

    I think NB is growing like a family. Isn't it? How many friends have you got from NB?
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    Yes,i got four friends only from NB
    Still i am making friends!

  3. I have got some good friends . Now if you want to know about them then check my profile page lol .

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    Well, I got CoasterCraze, Badmash, n some others only from NB.

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    Well I like Will Spencer, it's good to chat with a person that has a lot of knowledge. And ofcourse there are a lot of other people I like because of NB. You only start knowing somebody better after having a chat with him/her, since posts don't tell a lot about the person

    About 99% made a better impression on me after chatting with them, but there is 1% that is really strange, and I don't like to talk with anymore.. but that's not a lot (Like one of them is a big spammer that does nothing else than spamming me with offers.. )
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    Yes I have many friends, thanx to NB.


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    Yes I have met many people due to Net Builders. One of them being Will
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