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Thread: Do you only work Online or both?

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    Do you only work Online or both?

    Hey, do you only work online and get the money, or do you work online and real life(I don't know how you call it :P), Well I earn both, but online I earn very little. I will hopefuly start to earn over a 1000$ monthly soon, I really hope.

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    1000$ a month wow. i'm a fulltime freelancer. though i'm still limited to such things. it's good to have a experience both online and offline.

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    Well 1000$ a month is low for me, but online it's not low or high, I make different ammount of cash every month because I am working private, but the minimun I earn monthly is 6000 USD.

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    Well I am currently in GSCE, yeah I am young lol and I am working online only. I am making about $100 a month with freelancing jobs.

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    I earn some money online, but I also work part time at a gas station.

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    I am doing freelancer jobs and some internet marketing beside it I am a fulltime medical undergraduate

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    Well im still a student so i just working in internet

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotyfree View Post
    Well im still a student so i just working in internet
    Basically you are just like me! Where are you from doyfree? And how old are you?

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    I work solely online. My husband works elsewhere, however. This month is going to be short for me because the website I usually work for is going through some major updates and will not be able to pay me as much.
    Other than te website, I do make a decent amount with AdSense and Amazon affiliates.

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    I am a student,and doing only online work,not all time,whenever I need some pocket money I work online,though not that much I earn

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