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Thread: Do You Own A Car Or Motorbike ?

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    We all have seen it, a car we all or most have been in drived by our dad, mother or anyone else ...

    Do you got a car ?

    When did you get it or when are you planning on buying one ?

    Do you want a big, shinny, fast car or just a car that drive ?

    Or do you just stick with a moterbike ? If you have one or getting one.

    I don't have both, I maybe get a car one day.

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    I hope to have a car soon FINGERS X!

    But I have been driving a moped since I was 15 lol

    only a little Yamaha Naked Slider lol (yes that is the name of it) it is 50cc and can only go like 50-60 KPh

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    I own a car now, and never again will I ride a motorcycle. I wrecked one a few months back burnt the crap outta my leg and haven't been able to walk the same since lol.

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    I have neither of them. not really planning to have one now, since school hasn't even started, but who knows later. XD

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