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Thread: Do you own a website? If so, in what niche?

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    Cool Do you own a website? If so, in what niche?

    Hi webmasters and the so so, I was wondering if any of you owned any websites / blogs, and if yes, what particular niche are they under? Care to share?

    Well I'll start, yes I do own a couple of sites, both are myspace resource sites. Both are around 4-5 years old. I guess we'll all agree when I say how unfortunate of me to be stuck in such a saturated niche, the "has been" niche.

    Anyhow, your turn! Go on, impress us!

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    Well,I too have a website.Its based on Classified ads.I just launched it.Too much work is need to e done on it and there is a lot of competetion

  3. I do have a blog which I only started last week. I only got at least 2 blog posts and there's a lot more work to do includng the banners and widgets that I need for my site. I'll see if I can make at least 10 entries this month.

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    I've got a website nad a blog under the automotive theme. And my partner's got a gardening site.

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    Yes I have one,it is one celebrity news forum thugh there have not that people i think i will have to shut-down that one

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