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Thread: Do you read?

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    Re: Do you read?

    *raise hands* yeah, I love to read! I had just finished a novel this morning, hehe~

    type of books, hm... mostly I read is about adventures that involve magics, with some romance and comedy on it. I'm just fascinated with those kind of books, hehe~

    how about you?

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    Re: Do you read?

    My forum has a reading/writing area too...

    I generally have less liking for "teenage" fantasy despite being a teenager myself though. I don't give a damn if the language is more modern, Tolkein is STILL the man where fantasy is concerned. Historical fiction is great too (if you check the link above, there's a thread of short historical stories I wrote in 1/2 an hour each, which was pretty fun (and more importantly good exam practice).

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    Re: Do you read?

    I like reading but didn't get to it this week. (overkilling with pc xD) but I'll get bored with it soon and start reading again.

    I mainly read scientific books, fantasy, thrillers and mythologies.

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    Re: Do you read?

    I love reading. It's something I like to do before I go to bed. (: I just started Otherland: Sea of Silver Light by Tad Williams. It's the final book in his Otherland series.

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    Re: Do you read?

    [quote name="kautostar"]I love fantasy too, like Percy Jackson?[/quote]

    Percy Jackson, uh-huh. I haven't read the books yet, although I've seen the movie. I'd love to try some, but I'm not sure what books I wanna buy... going to bookstore makes me even more confused, so many books I wanna try, haha~ XD

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    Re: Do you read?

    ATM I'm reading the Celtic myths and legends

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    Re: Do you read?

    I don't read that often..i've been reading IT forever at a snails pace literally. Think i started it in 2006

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    Re: Do you read?

    O.o damn that is slow

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    Re: Do you read?

    I read regularly. I am most fond of history books. My most recent read is Ralph Waldo Emerson's Selected Essays, as printed by Penguin Classics, which I found on sale for mere pocket change.
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    Re: Do you read?

    I love reading, and will read almost anything i can find. :P

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