As many of you know, we are currently running a poll called
Which Free Webmaster - Web Marketing Forum Has Helped You The Most?

and prior to that we were asking
Which web marketing blog has helped you the most?

In one of our upcoming polls we are going to investigate which SEO services have been most helpful and need your help to nominate a few.

We would like to hear from clients who have used an SEO service which has delivered results.
Tell us a little bit about what you have hired the company for, what they have achieved, how the overall service was and why you believe that they are superior to most of the services which are being advertised.

We want real stories, true accounts of how they have managed to get your websites ranked and we want to come up with a list of the ones worth mentioning so our readers can freely compare between the web marketing firms which have proven to provide their clients with services promised and promises delivered.

See you at the polls.

Mike Dammann
Search Feature