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Thread: Do you still read newspaper for news?

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    Question Do you still read newspaper for news?

    In this Internet age, do you still read newspaper or you get news solely from online sources?

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    I use to read news papers but not now.
    I watch the news from my TV!

  3. I still read newspaper daily and most of the time I carry it with me when I travel outside on my dad car or in public transport .

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    Nah, I don't. Because everything is available on the internet. But sometimes when i happened to see a newspaper i will just have a look at it..
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    nah, i dont and also not like to watch tv now,

    i am only like to watch my pc monitor or labtop lcd
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    I do read newspaper, because I don't sit in front of PC all the time...

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    Yes i do because reading off my computer to much hurts my eyes.

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    Well, I do read it daily !

    It makes me feel good as I get some local news.

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    I am ashamed to admit that I often get confused reading the newspaper. The sections feel like they're laid out oddly...

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    Daily Routine: Read Newspaper early in the morning with breakfast.


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