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Thread: Do you use Facebook?

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    Red face Do you use Facebook?

    How often you use it?

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    I registered in facebook before 20 days back but i feel that at present,i don't need it!

  3. I used it pretty often, have to log in there just about every day to keep up with the friend requests I get. Once you get a certain number of friends and join a bunch of groups then it tends to snowball a bit.

    I've posted from time to time and gotten some traffic by people suggesting links that I've added using, but I guess I"m really on there because I "have to be".
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    Never lol I spend most of time on dp and other forum so very less chance for facebook.

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    I often go to facebook!
    It is a cool place

  7. I use the face book bit do not get time to log in everyday. People are saying they are verymuch profitable by facebook !!!! I'm not

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    i use facebook every single day.
    me and my friends get together and play poker every night.. its a lot of fun !!!

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    I've been using it for my high school reunion communications. Outside of that, I doubt I would have used it at all.
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    for me, it's really useful and gives a quite significant contribution to my offline business. yes I said offline business.

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