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Thread: Do You Vape?

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    Do You Vape?

    Two weeks ago Monday, wife and I took the next step.
    We bought vaporizer pens.
    Since then, we have not smoked any cigarettes or cigars.
    And have no desire to do so!

    Anyone else here on vaporizer pens?

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    The best is to stop smoking if you can In the Vaporizer you are still taking nicotine.

    I stopped since 4 years ago, when president Obama raised the skyrocketing tax on tabacco. Actually it was my primary motivation for stopping, today I am very happy I quit smoking, and save the money for something more useful
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    You can get various levels of nicotine liquids for your vaporizer.
    And also get nicotine free liquids.
    So wife and I, will drop the level of nicotine until bam, into nicotine free.

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