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Thread: Do you wear glasses?

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    Do you wear glasses?

    Spending hours and hours on the computer is something normal these days. What suffers the most is our spine and our eyes.

    Do you wear glasses? Contacts?

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    Yes glasses.
    Maybe contact lenses one day...

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    glasses, got myopia i think, probably caused by computer screens :P

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    Yes I have glasses. I am nearsighted and have been since I was little.
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    Yes I have slightly weak eyesight, I am a little nearsighted. It's a gift of sitting in front of my PC. Though I don't wear glasses, actually tried several times but every time my youngest son broke them. So at the moment not wearing any.

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    I don't wear glasses !
    Yes, I do spend lot of time on my Comp but
    I'm glad I still don't need to wear them!

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    I have glasses to be wear when i am infront of the computer as my left eye start getting eye sight!
    But,i don't wear them!

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    Not yet, but if I keep going like this, I probably will
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  10. yps i use photcromatic glasses

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