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Thread: Don’t laugh, if you can!

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    Talking Don’t laugh, if you can!

    How to enter into an airtight vault using a black hole? Please remember that is not everything!
    YouTube - The Black Hole

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    Thanks Suman I really laughed at the end, really unlucky man.

    EDIT Moral of Story

    Greed is Curse.
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    Cute! Thanks for the short, Suman!

    Diet Fads

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    Lol.. That was really funny.
    That guy got excited.

    - Digital -

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    Hey,it is really funny!
    You always share funny and interesting things!

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    ^^^ Ya, Suman is always happy.. So, he wants to make us happy.

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    haha ! lol.. i really did laugh out at the end there..
    You must commend the guy's acting thouhg, it was awesome.. i dunno why i was noticing it, but the expressions were really good..

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    Ohh... How couldn't someone laugh to that?
    That is just mean! Poor man.

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