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Thread: Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

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    Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

    Website Name: Downtown Tokyo

    site link:

    Website Description: If you don't even know the first thing about anime, then stop by here! We don't care how much or little you know about anime, you're guaranteed to have fun!

    Our Goal: To create the most friendly anime forum on the net, a place where anyone can talk about anything they would like to and share fun experiences with.

    Your name on the Board: Sportastephanie

    -Subway Page-

    1. Why did you pick the host that you are using?

    Answer: I started foruming on a friend's forum that used this host, and I got to be mod then admin. I left from all the hacking and wanted to make my own forum about something I love and that could be a safe and friendly getaway for all people.

    2. Will you ever consider moving hosts?

    Answer: We have moved actually. I left Zetaboards for IPBfree but due to the constant downtime and issues of PMs being received and linking to viruses, I didn't want to have to keep dealing with such problems for my members so I went back to my old host of Zetaboards. I figured that just because I was using ZB that it wouldn't stop people from joining, and I like how easy it is to use.

    3.Has the forum always been called "Downtown Tokyo"?

    Answer: No, actually when it first started out it was called All Anime, but I closed it down to change to IPBfree with the new name we are using. I feel that Downtown Tokyo is more creative and catch's people's eyes.

    4.Are there any features that make this forum different than othe anime forums?

    Answer: We have some streaming anime, and your basic anime forum set up. We had an arcade, but we got rid of it, and do have a page where you can play some puzzles. Some big things we have is a huge monthly newsletter and our own radio station which we use to play live broadcasts on. We play trance/pop/dance music on it mostly.

    5.What would you like to see on the forum in the future (let's say, 6 months from now)?

    Answer: I would like to see more members, numbers don't matter that much to me, I just want an active community of users sharing experiences, talking about anime, and just enjoying the site for what it is.

    -Board Started on: November 13th, 2009

    -Category: Anime

    -Forum Link:

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    Re: Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

    nice forum! good luck!

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    Re: Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

    I've created a small 2 1/2 minute video about the forum. Give it a watch!

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    Re: Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

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    Re: Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

    I like your forum! Good luck with it

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    Re: Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

    Thanks everyone! We recently just broke 2700 posts. Help us grow by spreading the word about this wonderful forum. We got tons of rewards and free giveaways on the forum to our members at random times.

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    Re: Downtown Tokyo, the best place to be!

    We now have ANOTHER radio station, which we will be able to keep up 24/7 at times. If you would like to be a DJ on this radio station just contact me, and you can listen to the radio station here at

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