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Thread: DP got change today....

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    DP got change today....


    DP get change now.

    Any body like DP's new look?

  2. Yes, I noticed it too. It's a bit confusing, however, it just needs familiarization. Once we get used to the layout, we'll like it like the previous one too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tirth View Post

    DP get change now.

    Any body like DP's new look?
    Not loin for few days, let me check.


  4. Well, yesterday evening it was in maintenance mode, I was thinking why? It was for this change. Seems they have changed to VB 4, color is still green

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    I liked the old look, but this one seems pretty neat

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    The old look seems better in my opinion, but it's vB4 so things have to change. I should get used to it I guess. But after seeing this happening to DP, I hope it takes some time before NB upgrades to vB4
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I didn't like it. Old was good...

  8. Well getting the hang of it slowly

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    Yes, I like the new change in digital point forum but they always suck with stupid rules.

  10. I prefer the old design. The new layout seems to have taken out the search option which was very handy - at least for me.

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