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Thread: DP signature links Going Rates???

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    DP signature links Going Rates???


    I just read two threads about DP signature link sales.

    I wonder what's the going rates?

    Can anyone share what they paid or asked for?


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    Prices are a lot lower than a couple of years ago due for the most part to the weaker economy and increase in members with higher post counts.

    The last time I checked the price was around $5 per 1000 posts. Before the rate was more like $10 per 1000 posts.

    There's a lot of variables to the value like the how active the member is and the quality of the posts.

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    Well, its upon user also who is gonna buy!
    Like you can sell your 5K post link for $35/month,
    Or a 1K post link in $5 to $10!
    I am talking about only one link.

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