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Thread: dragon boat festival

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    dragon boat festival

    A few days later, it's dragon boat festival in our country. We will have a few holidays !cheers up!!

    I could have a trip in the holidays , and watch world up in home.

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    Re: dragon boat festival

    wow, that is cool! the name of the festival is so good. so are you going to have some kind of contest for it, making a miniature of a dragon boat, maybe? XD

    well, have fun with it! ^^

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    Re: dragon boat festival

    oh, first I'm sorry for reply you so late. I was busy those days.

    in fact, I spent a very boring festival, for there are some other things have to do. if i have see you reply earlier, may be I could have a interesting festival, just like you say, I could making a mininature dragon boat and put it in water basin for fun!! happy like a child.

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