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Thread: Dream Cars

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    Dream Cars


    Diet Fads

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    BMW has always been my favorite. But now I have been out of the U.S. for 3 years and not quite sure what the hottest and latest model even is.
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    i like Lamborghini murcielago lp640s my self if i ever had the cash would definitely get one or the new Nissan skyline gtr r35

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    I'd be happy with a new Corvette ZR1.

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    I wouldnt mind a 2009 mercedes SLK 55 AMG

    However my all time dream car would be 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-500 restored and modified by Chip Foose

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  6. The best car for me is the Mercedes Benz G55 AMG.

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    I prefer something more environmentally friendly like this Panhard? This is the next generation of French eco-cars...and just like the mercedes McLaren Sterling Moss it has no windshield...

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    Here's mine:

    More pictures here:

    Ferrari California | Car Tuning Central

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    Homebizseo's GEO car

    This is my car. I hope to upgrade to a bigger motor in the future. This motor is cheap on grass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homebizseo View Post
    < image snip >
    Stunning! I'm awestruck and completely jealous.

    Diet Fads

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