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Thread: Drive Safely !

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    Red face Drive Safely !

    Have a look on this video -

    [ame=""]YouTube - Please drive safe.....[ORIGINAL][/ame]

    And then you will come to know how does it feels.

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    That's horrible! Anytime...anything could be happen even though you're an expert driver if somehow you lost concentration . I drive fast but safely, and I'm lucky enough not to have any accident within my 11 years of driving experience.

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    I hate overconfidence while driving. Though I drive fast also, but I know, what I'm doing. We shouldn't take any risk in high speed or shouldn't drive roughly. I drive safely and had no accidents till now in 10 years .

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    That's a good clip warning drivers the results of speeding.

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    Yes, some time not concentrating on driving can be very dangerous.

    Shubham nice clip, thanx for sharing.


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    And we also need to walk carefully.

    Always be alert on road. And don't talk on phone or sms anyone.

    - Digital -

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    Damn, this is a hard video.. It made me a bit sad to see, but it's something that every driver should see
    |Nico Lawsons

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