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Thread: Duct tape thread!

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    Duct tape thread!

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    Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, it has a dark side, and it holds everything in the Universe together.
    Here is how I repaired doors of friend chieftec case

    but I am noob for these guys:

    Duct tape baby

    Duct tape wall bad

    Duct tape something

    Duct tape racing team

    Duct tape suit

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    Duct tape PC

    Duct tape neck tie

    Duct tape suit again

    Duct tape car body repair

    Duct tape man

    Duct tape ipod

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    Duct tape universe

    Duct tape Slippers

    Duct tape bike

    Duct tape server

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    nice, a ducttape tread. Looks like Suzi needs a piece under her armpit.

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    You need affection mate

    But some pics are really great & amazing

    Some people have just too much time...

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    You guys heard about the red green show? i think its only in canada. he is the duct tape man. He does everything with ducttape. I am sure you can find it on youtube, just type in red green show.

    The Site: The Red Green Show

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