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    Last night England were disjointed at Wembley but beat Mexico 3-1 with goals from Ledley King, Peter Crouch and a stunner from Glen Johnson.

    Capello however is yet to decide the final squad, he has to get the squad down from 30 players to just 23, lets hope he choses the right ones!

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    The Peter Crouch goal was not only hand ball but it was also off side aswell.

    If England play like that in the World Cup they will be lucky to make the quater finals.

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    Mexicos goal looked offside aswell

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    [quote name='iGimp' date='25 May 2010 - 01:45 PM' timestamp='1274791516' post='16537']

    Mexicos goal looked offside aswell


    How could it off been off side the was a defender in the line and he was well onside.

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    it looked it... might of been me just missing the player..

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    Yep you missed lieght bainess stood on the goal line like a spare part.

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