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Entertainment Communities List

1. Downtown Tokyo Status: (Completed)

2. Entertainment Center Status:(Completed)

3. Headbangers Haven Status:(Completed)

4. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Status:(In Progress)

5. InvestComics Forum Status:(Completed)

6. It's All About Music Status:(Completed)

7. Loucifer Speaks Status:(In Progress)

8. Ministry of Mischief Status:(Completed)

9. MMPT Teen Community & Entertainment Status:(Completed)

10. Status:(Completed)

11. Sector 7 Status:(Completed)

12. Shikata no Harmony Status:(Completed)

13. The HPC Forums Status:(Completed)

14. TopGearForum Status: (Completed)

15.Trance life Status:(Completed)