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Thread: The EPFL mini-robots

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    The EPFL mini-robots

    Nearly 550 exhibitors will be taking up residence for 4 days at the only annual event devoted to the high-precision sector, from watchmaking to the whole of the microtechnologies field. The event will include a plethora of new developments, scientific conferences with 40 speakers and… a few robots who seem to have found their way over from the EPFL…

    Faced with a somewhat unusual growth in interest at this period of the year, the EPHJEPMT exhibition will be opening its doors on 8th June with an increased number of exhibitors: around 550 players from the professional milieus devoted to watchmaking, jewellery and the microtech sector, with 20% coming from abroad (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Japan). Four intense, enjoyable days dedicated entirely to innovation and technology transfer.

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    Re: The EPFL mini-robots

    Wow! That looks so cool ^-^

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