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Thread: Ever Won Something ?

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    Could be a contest online, or a show on TV, anything. Have you won something of late or in teh past ?

    I have never won anything, a board game o yes but I don't consider that something you won. I mean "A prize"

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    I've never won anything either. I used to register for all types of contests but I guess I'm just unlucky

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    i never win anything
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    I won a 5 CD Disk Changer Once when I was at school in like the 7th grade... it was atleast worth 200-300$ at the time.. I was shocked when they called my name !!!

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    nope me neither... mind you i dont enter anything to win something lol...

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    I did enter some kind of competitions when I was in high school, but the prize isn't that much... apart from that, I'm totally unlucky when it comes to doorprize or lottery or things like that, so I give up. XD

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