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    Website Name: Exilian

    Forum link:

    Website link:

    Website Description: The Exilian is a gaming, modding, programming, and discussion board. We host a range of projects focusing around modifying and creating games, but also around any interests our members have - music, politics,

    Our Goal: Our goal is whatever that of our members is.

    Your name on the Board: Jubal

    -Subway Page-

    1. So what is there to do, really?

    Answer: Plenty! We've got a load of game modification projects, bringing your favourite games into whole new dimensions. Rome Total War with Warhammer troops? Mount & Blade expanded into worlds of fantasy and magic? And even if that's not your thing, there's plenty of gaming chat and also our recently-begun projects for creating games and computer applications of any sort; if you're a developer or modder, we'll do our best to make sure you get the best out of being hosted on Exilian. Even after all that, there's myriad off-topic areas and great hang-outs for the general nerds out there.

    2. Which games do you host mods for?

    Answer: Primarily Mount & Blade and Rome: Total War. That said, we're willing to move mountains if need be for good people, so if you're modding another game just ask and I'm sure we can fix new areas up for you!

    3. I can't mod or program. Do you still want me?

    Answer; YES! No forum is complete without all the people who make it interesting; no mod is complete without many people to give support and feedback. Anyone who wants to come along, chat, be constructive and enjoy themselves will always be welcome.

    4. You say your goals are those of your members. How can I tell you mine?

    Answer: After you've been around for a while and made a few posts, you may get the chance to become a citizen-level member. These members can directly influence how the forum is run by being able to access a hidden area where they can suggest changes and vote on them; these votes are binding, and the staff have to compl with the wishes of the citizens. Citizens can also stand for election as moderators, and one memeber of the admin council is elected from the citizens on a 6-month term basis.

    5. I'm not actually a gamer. I should keep away, right?

    Answer: Wrong. Dead wrong. Our off-topic sections are set out to allow debate and discussion of the widest possible range of topics; politics, history, sports, music and art. We have a poetry and story wirting area too... so anyone's interests should be catered for.

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    Re: The Exilian

    nice forum :yea

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    Re: The Exilian

    Why thank-you. Any questions anyone wants to ask I'll be happy to answer them...

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