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    Hello Admin Community Members.

    Recently, I and another person have been working on a new football forum. It is called Extra Time, and is very small at the moment, that is why i'm trying to recruit some new members to help our project grow. Currently, we have just over 16,100 posts, of which almost 1800 are topics. We also have just over 180 members, which isn't too bad for a forum of our size. We have some good discussions, about all the leagues in England, and we also have a section for other leagues from around the World. If they don't interest you very much, we also have concentrated General sections for you to post in. Added to this, when you post on our forums, you earn Tokens, our virtual forum cash. These tokens can be spent in our Virtual Shop, and can be spent on anything ranging from Custom Ranks, to sticky threads advertising anything you want. You can also earn tokens by other means; including using the Token Deals section to find some good deals that may be available to you.

    So, just have a quick look at our forum here. If it interests you and you'd like to be a part of a growing project, then by all means, sign up! If not, then maybe you could post here or send me a PM telling me about what made you not want to join the forum. Then maybe, we could fix it for the better of everyone!

    Take a look -

    Thanks for reading this guys, and have a good day!

    The Extra Time Team

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    You already have a topic for your site:

    Moved to advert cemetry.

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