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Thread: Extra Time Relaunched!

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    Hello Everyone

    After a month or so of thinking, we have decided to relaunch Extra Time!

    There are many things we have done to make the forum a better place to discuss football. We have done the following:

    Domain Name -

    No Adverts Anymore!

    New item in shop - You can now trade tokens for PayPal Cash! Check out the shop here.

    Plus we are soon getting a fully customised template for the forum! Sounds good, eh?

    Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the new forum!

    The Extra Time Team

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    It doesn't look too bad (I don't like the category headers) and activity levels don't seem great. Good luck though.

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    The activity is a lot better than it is here.

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    [quote name='EvanP' date='19 April 2010 - 12:23 AM' timestamp='1271633006' post='13858']

    The activity is a lot better than it is here.


    Was that comment needed, mature or necessary? Alright your forums activity levels have picked up in the last few days since I commented it, but the football areas (which is where you should be concentrating on getting activity) is the most inactive part of the site, most of the forums in those sections don't have any posts today or yesterday.

    Also the descriptions have absolutely no substance except for maybe one or two such as the FA Cup. They're all ''Discuss this here''.

    Also this message...

    Welcome to Extra Time, Anonymous! We hope you enjoy your visit, if you have any problems PM the Forum Admin, EvanP. If your a guest, please make a post in the Contact the Staff forum.

    1) You should add an extra line break or two between it and the top forum category.

    2) Surely it should be Guest rather then Anonymous?

    3) It's you're a guest, not your.

    The banner isn't too bad though a couple of players are very difficult to recognise. The small gap though between the header and the register/FAQ buttons makes the logo look dodgy as it overlaps into them. Plus I don't know why it's there, removing it would look better.

    Another suggestion I have is that you should add a custon favicon (yes, Admin Community needs to as well, that's on my to do list).

    On a positive note, I don't mind your template even though I prefer fixed width myself and the people posting are not just you, it is regular members.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, we'll work on them.

    The comment wasn't meant to offend, it was simply saying i disagree.

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    Come and join in at Extra Time now!

    Latest Statistics: 17,053 Posts, 1898 Topics, 210 Users.

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