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    Family Guy

    Who here watches/likes Family Guy? I watch it sometimes and it is very funny though it has got boring recently.

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    Re: Family Guy

    Love it, have all the seasons on dvd

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    LOl, are there haters of Family Guy?

    I love it XD My brother and my friends are always re-using the lines too. That's the only slightly fail part, cuz they use them on me >.>; BUt other than that, oh my god! I just absolutely love watching Family Guy XD My favorite character is Stewie. He's just so small, and cute, and EVIL!! XD

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    Family Guy. Pretty funny show, I like south park more though .

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    It use to be funny. Now it's just the same old slapstick, random crap.

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    Love this show! It is so funny.

    My favourite episodes are Emission Impossible and PTV.

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