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Thread: Family Guy vs South Park

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    So which do you prefer? I personally find South Park much funnier.

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    Family Guy is a lot better if you ask me.

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    South Park, in my opinion, is far funnier.

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    I honestly do not know, I think they are both equally funny and great.

    But if it really came down to having to pick one, I guess I would pick Family guy, because I love Stewie.

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    Family Guy is way better.

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    I never liked Family guy, really stupid. South Park has been on for along time, and I watched it alot when I was young, still watch it at times, but not as much, because I dont watch much TV.

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    South Park. I think family guy is OKAY. But my brothers have always been big South Park"ers" and so have I!

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    Family Guy for me, never really got into South Park that much.

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    Family Guy for sure.

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    Well what is odd, is some "kids" watch family guy, well, alot of kids watch it. So what do you think they learn from it, the sexual stuff, ect.? Well, I still never liked it. South park is way different, there is some bad things in it, but not all 100% bad.

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