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Thread: Favorite Car

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    Favorite Car

    What's your favorite car?

    I've always loved the Ferrari

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    Re: Favorite Car

    Not too fussed about cars tbh. As long as they run. :lol2:

    Ferrari's look pretty cool though.

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    Re: Favorite Car

    Probably the Bugatti Veyron for me, purely because of the speed of it.

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    Re: Favorite Car

    "The ferrari"? Thats not a car, it's the Manufacturer :P

    My current one has to be the Aston Martin DBS, AKA sex on wheels.

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    Re: Favorite Car

    I like the dodge charger myself.

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    Re: Favorite Car

    I want the Infiniti G37.

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    Re: Favorite Car

    I drive a jeep :P

    I like Mustangs a lot though

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    Re: Favorite Car

    Aston martin DB9

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    Re: Favorite Car

    mine will have to be the the classic chargers nd torinos from the 90s nd 80s

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    I would love a phantom, old and classy. But I cant afford that, so I use the [Removed by mod.... No spam linkdrops here] wrangler, favorite affordable car.

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