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Thread: Favorite Ms Office Version??

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    Open Office ftw, but if I have to choose I'd go for 2003

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    I like Microsoft Office version 2003 very much and still using it in my desktop as well as leptop.


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    Interesting idea and i really like the post my favorite version is MS office 2007..
    The features they have added also the modification just amazing to use also much more user friendly...

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    prefer 2003 .... can't afford new MS office

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    2007, but didn't Microsoft lose another lawsuit requiring a change in 2007 to a newer version in 2010?? I can't remember the details, believe the suit was in Canada where they used another company's technology to serialize the XML in the docs, etc...

    Anyway, I'm an Open Office convert for the home and use Google Docs a fair bit when I want access to things when away from the laptop.

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    2007 sucks!!!!! and nevertheless, I'll go with OpenOffice. much, much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SummEr101 View Post
    Windows xp. I am so familiar with it and I never gone tired using it. Now I amusing windows vista yet I still prefer my xp before. No regrets though.
    LOL i thought the discussion was on Office Version.

    for me 2003 was the best but 2010 Outlook is something i can trade 2007 with.

    2010 outlook has multiple exchange configuration in a single profile

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  9. Ms office 2007 is my favorite and i have been using it from last one year and it is just great to use it.

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    I like Ms Office 2007 it is simply professionally made... and hope 2010 would be more better.

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