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Thread: Favorite Ms Office Version??

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    I use Open office.


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    The 2003 versions. But 2007 is cool too, I'm just not that used to it yet
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    I like Ms Office 2007 it is simply professionally made... and hope 2010 would be more better.

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    I like 2007.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    I use Open office.

    Same here and KOffice

    I think Microsoft Office 2007 is just a terrible piece of software

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    Office 2003. I always get lost around when working with 2007 lol.
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    Well,I vote for XP.I used to use it.But nowadays,I use linux instead due to work.
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  8. I used to love the XP version, now I use 2007 version, compelled to use it because most people save their file as .docx

  9. I'll stick to my 2003 version. I don't really like the new release because the interface has really changed a lot and it's quite slow.

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