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Thread: Favorite soda/juice Drink ?

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    Favorite soda/juice Drink ?

    For me that would be: ... icetea.jpg

    and just coca-cola and some juices.

    What about you ?

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    Re: Favorite soda/juice Drink ?

    coca-cola and sprite, I think. I don't drink that many kinds of soda drink and friends, haha~ XD

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    Re: Favorite soda/juice Drink ?

    My fridge is filled with Snapple's Peach Tea.
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    Re: Favorite soda/juice Drink ?

    Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda. As for juice, I really like apple and orange juice. I always have~

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    Re: Favorite soda/juice Drink ?

    Well for me Diet coke wins as a soda... but as a juice... PINEAPPLE! oooo I love the stuff! Thats all I drink really apart from tea and Diet Coke (Diet Coke is NOT because I am FAT! It is because I cant handle too much sugar at any one time...) :P

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