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Thread: Favourite Movie

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    there are many.....

    well ! I am a big movies fan but recently I saw both parts of National Treasures it was quite an awesome movie..!! Did anybody tell me that are those real stories?

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    my favorite movie has got to be the Matrix, a classic film with a great storyline. But the divinci code and angels and demons films are also amazing.

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    Anchorman,Billy Madison,Euro Trip,Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.I advise that all of you see these movies.

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    There have many,but now a days I liked "Slumdog Millioniar" so much
    also there have Vintage Point,The Da vinci Code and so many
    watch movies online

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    My all time favourite is Dumb and Dumber. I like comedy movies and Jim carrey is the god of comedy. He has made terrific faces through out the movie. A must watch.

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    Shawshank Redemption
    Forest Gump
    Die Hard

    Ive got a good few favs

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    My Favorite Movie is Happy New Year.

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