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Thread: Favourite Movie

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    Favourite Movie

    What is yours? Mine is The DArk Knight.

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    My best movie is SOME: koreaan movie,it's philosophical but it has so much meaning . I love it

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    The curious case of Benjamin button

    Guys recently I saw this movie and just loved it to no extent. Brad pitt is marvellous and has done incredible act there. A very interesting story and it is bound to touch you a recommendation from my side for this movie!!

  4. My favorite movie is Titanic. I really like Kate Winslet's acting in the movie. The best movie I saw recently is slumdog millionaire.

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    my favourite movie is Jurassic park, i really love to watch that movie.

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    my favourite movie Dark night

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    Lets see....My favorite comedys are, I love you man, Role Models, Van Wilder. And of all time, I love Remember the Titans.

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    i like d movie the shawshank redemption. its a nice classic.

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    Well I really liked the Star Wars serie it was an amazing movies. Also last year I saw a very nice movie about the Diego Marodonna it was called Marodonna about Kusturica or something like that.

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    Ahh Iḿ a terrible movie fan, and ones of my favourite are:
    Goal 1 and 2 (but not 3, I hated it)

    Well and many others, but those are the first ones that came to my mind

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